Terms & Conditions

Agreement to provide Domiciliary Care Services


These are the arrangements that will need to be agreed with you, or your representative, for Exclusive Care Services to provide you with a domiciliary care service. You may also want to take the advice of your family, a friend or legal advisor before you sign any agreement.

Agreeing your service

We will discuss your needs with you and agree what type of domiciliary care you need and when you would like it. We will write this down on a care plan and give you a copy alongside a service user guide. We will keep in touch with you to check that our service continues to meet your needs. If you require any changes we will try and agree these with you. The care workers that will provide your service are employed directly by Exclusive Care Services and are not allowed to undertake work directly to you that hasn’t been authorised by the company.

Booking your service

We will provide your service on the days we have agreed with you. If you need to make a change, you must do this by contacting the office or speak to our carers. The telephone number is contained within the service user guide. Although we will aim to provide you continuity of care we may need to change your care worker when the need arises.


Exclusive Care Services charges are set out on the private charge form. VAT is not charged on domiciliary care. We will send you an invoice at the end of each month by post. Payment is due on receipt of invoice. You can pay your Exclusive Care Services invoice by Direct Debit. Exclusive Care Services reserves the right to make a charge of 5% of the invoice total on all accounts that are overdue after 14 days. Payments must be made by you and must not be made directly to care workers. If any changes to the charges are to be made you or your representative will be informed in writing giving you one month’s notice of the change.


You must give us at least 24 hours’ notice by contacting thr office if you need to cancel any booking. If you do not contact the office you will be charged for the booking as if it had taken place. If you cannot give us notice due to an emergency (for example you have to be admitted to hospital unexpectedly), we may decide not to charge for the booking.


You should seek guidance on appropriate insurance to cover Staff and property when the staffs are working in your home. This insurance needs to cover personal injury and any loss or damage within your home. Please do not request Care workers to drive you to appointments etc. in their own vehicles, as they may not have the appropriate insurance for this purpose. If you have any equipment within your home that the care staff will be using it is your responsibility to ensure the equipment is serviced on a regular basis, in order to comply with Health and Safety at work law the staff may require training to use your equipment. This will be decided with you at your initial assessment and included in your risk assessment.

Changes to this agreement

The only changes to this agreement, which will be valid, are the changes that you have agreed in writing with our manager. We will give you a copy of these changes.

Behaviour Policy. In Compliance with Health and Safety law, Exclusive Care Services will not allow its staff to be subjected to abusive behaviour of any nature and reserves the right that staff leave the premises forthwith, therefore terminating this agreement with immediate effect. Should this situation occur an investigation will be carried out by the Care Service Manager with the outcomes reported to the appropriate persons where deemed necessary.

Ending the agreement

You can end this agreement by giving us at least one week’s notice in writing. We may cancel this requirement if you have an emergency situation like the one described in cancellations. We can end this agreement immediately: